peintre portraitiste contemporain Berto

Contemporary Portrait Art



Berto’s contemporary portraits are extremely expressive, sculpted with sensual colors. Their natural flow can only be tamed by Berto’s mastery of the abstract.

The face is merely a pretext

We begin with the subject and Berto surprisingly achieves his harmony through a palette of contrasted, unreasonable and chaotic colors.


It is with a tender modesty that he exposes the inner world behind each face. As a response to the disillusionment of our time when the overproduction of selfies emphasizes only a growing loss of identity.

Portraits saturated with colors

Berto explores his subject’s faces as the geography of their identities. His work, dripping with emotion, live at the intersection where involuntary movements meet mastery of color.
For Berto the act of painting has evolved to an involuntary action, like the beating of his heart. The saturation of colors used represent the blood and warm emotions of his subjects.

Fascinated by Women

Berto’s exploration of color in the abstract universe and his fascination for Women leads him to the world of nude portraits. His travels and significant encounters in the Orient have given Berto a taste for portraiture.





864 – 100x81cm
863 – 100x100cm
862 – 100x81cm
844 – 100x100cm
866 – 100x100cm
865 – 100x100cm
846 – 146x114cm
845 – 146x114cm
839 – 100x100cm

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