Anthropomorphic Fruit Sculpture

Dominique RAYOU

Anthropomorphic Fruit Sculpture; it seems formulaic, but Dominique Rayou’s crunchy fruits are anything but. The ingenious and audacious forms suggest the curves of a female body, specifically of a woman in fruit.

Humanized at on what seems a whim, the pair of cherries mate with a discreet kiss. It seems effortless for the artist to imbue spirit and life to matter, to what is anything other than a still-life. All the sculptures, rough bronzes, chrome, or patinated works are unique pieces.

Hot Chili – colored silver chrome – 46x34x19cm – 5kg
Genesis – bronze – 57x30x25cm – 12kg
Impermanence Grande – colored silver chrome – 136x53x52cm – 65kg
Romeo et Juliette – Bronze – h64x50x24cm – 25kg
Impermanence – colored silver chrome – 45x18x18cm (Sold)
Kiss spring – Bronze – 73x51x24cm – 15kg
Destiny – Bronze – colored silver chrome – 64x24x24cm -12kg


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